Dressing Room One is steps from our stage and has been home to many amazing leading performers over the years.  In this series, they share their personal Pantages memories with you.

Episode Eight: Ali Ewoldt

Actress ALI EWOLDT has had the pleasure of performing at Hollywood Pantages Theatre on two separate occassions: as the "bullet boy" in LES MISERABLES (2006), and as "Maria" in WEST SIDE STORY (2010)! She shares an AMAZING story during her time in LES MIS - when...let's just say, the audience was informed that she would be jumping into a new role mid-performance...and she found out with the audience! We can't tell this story as well as she does! ENJOY ALI'S STORY!

Episode Seven: Lila Coogan

Lets take a "Journey to the Past" to October 2019, when the national tour of ANASTASIA THE MUSICAL rolled into Los Angeles' Hollywood Pantages Theatre - and with it, the amazingly talented LILA COOGAN, who played the lead role Anya in the production. Life on the road in a national tour can be daunting for any performer - but performers like Lila demonstrate how human beings have the amazing capability of taking any situation or location they are handed - and making it home. Dressing Room one became a kitchen, a living room, a TV room, and the perfect setting to watch RuPaul's Drag Race UK!

Episode Six: Yehezkel Lazarov

In April 2019, Israeli-born actor YEHEZKEL LAZAROV experienced, for a person who had been studying the dramatic arts since he was 8 years old, a full-circle experience in Los Angeles - when his mother and father visited him at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre to watch him play Tevye in the national tour of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Telling a story that is so deeply rooted in family values and "Tradition" - Yehezkel experienced a truly amazing closure with his family - performing for them, after years of their continued love and support.

Los Angeles Times Feature | April 24, 2019

Episode Five: Trista Moldovan

Broadway and National Touring star TRISTA MOLDOVAN has performed on the beautiful stage of the Hollywood Pantages MANY times. But there was something very special about her time at the Pantages in 2009 and again in 2010 when she played Christine Daae in the national tour of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Trista crossed paths with our dear friend, and former backstage dresser at Hollywood Pantages: the late, great Fred Curt. You'll want to grab some tissues before you watch this video. You never know who is going to touch your soul and your heart - when you perform at the Hollywood Pantages.

Episode Four: Derrick Davis

In June 2019, Los Angeles theater celebrated an earthshaking occasion: the return of the phan-favorite THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. The devastatingly charming DERRICK DAVIS donned the mask and the cape for this return engagement - and let's just say that he had an experience in his dressing room during the show for which no resident New Yorker would ever have thought to be prepared! As Monsieur Andre would say to Carlotta: "These things do happen!" And HAPPEN it did! Enjoy Derrick's story!

Episode Three: Jackie Burns

From November 2018 through January 2019, JACKIE BURNS wowed audiences at Hollywood Pantages Theatre as the iconic green witch Elphaba in WICKED. (She currently holds the title as WICKED's longest running Elphaba in the history of the show, FYI.) Of course - after hundreds upon hundreds of shows - something is bound to go awry mid-performance! And let's just say - Jackie made a "big splash" in LA! Wait until you hear her story about what happened backstage at Hollywood Pantages one time during a performance!

Episode Two: Julius Thomas III

JULIUS THOMAS III appeared most recently on the Pantages Stage as Berry Gordy in the L.A. Premiere of MOTOWN THE MUSICAL back in 2015! (Of course - he's no stranger to our theatre, having come through previously in 2011 in SHREK THE MUSICAL as one of the Three Little Pigs!) Julius' story about the MOTOWN opening night, featuring the real-life Berry Gordy will have you singing all those classic Motown hits in your head as you watch this video!

Episode One: Nick Cartell

NICK CARTELL appeared as Jean Valjean in our most recent engagement of LES MISÉRABLES in 2019 at Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Nick kicks off our backstage video series with a terrific story about spending a whole month living in dressing room one (including a look at his costumes & pre-show prep), AND quite the surprise visitor on opening night!