At your performance and need assistance?  Visit Audience Services in the east side of the main lobby for immediate help from our Front of House staff.

Accessible Seating

Exact accessible seating locations can be purchased online via Ticketmaster. Click the accessible icon to show available seats. Tip: Choose the wheelchair space first, then add the companion seat(s).

Accessible seating is only available in the orchestra level. There is no elevator in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, and the mezzanine (2nd) Level is accessible only by stairs. There are 31 steps up to the mezzanine and 44 total to the rear of the mezzanine.

If you prefer, you may also submit your accessible ticket request for any performance by email at, or leave a voicemail anytime at (323) 468-1782 and you'll hear back from us shortly.


ASL Interpreted Performances

Please visit our ASL Interpreted Performances page for a full schedule and more information.

Audio Description Performances

Please visit our Audio Description Performances page for a full schedule and more information.



Binoculars are available for rent at Audience Services for a fee of $10 (cash only) along with leaving a driver's license or other ID.


Booster Seats

Booster Seats for any performance can be found outside of every theatre door.

There is limited availability and seats are provided on a first come, first served basis.

All theatre patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket.  Age restrictions and recommendations vary by production.  Visit the events page to select the show you are interested in for more specific information.

GalaPro App - Closed Caption and Audio Description

Closed captioning and audio description are available through the GalaPro app for select productions. Patrons use GalaPro on their personal mobile device to access the service of their choice. Download the app in advance, and visit Audience Services for more information.


GalaPro will be offered for the productions listed below.

  • MJ | Closed Caption, Subtitled Translations (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Chicago | Closed Caption, Audio Description, Subtitled Translations (Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese)
  • Come From Away | Closed Caption, Subtitled Translations (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean)
  • Girl from the North Country | Closed Caption
  • Mrs. Doubtfire | Closed Caption
  • Company | Closed Caption

Large Print Playbills

Large Print Playbills are available at the Audience Services desk in the lobby.

Listening Devices

Several sound amplification options are available at no cost.

  1. Induction Loop installed for patrons. Simply set your device to the Telecoil feature, and adjust volume accordingly. We also offer a limited number of T-coil loop receivers for patrons with no personal device.
  2. Infrared Listening System and the following headsets are also available:
  • Sound Associates - SA650H Headset / receiver (95kHz)
  • Sennheiser - RI250 / RI150 headset / receiver (2.3 MHz)
  • Sound Associates - SA1502P Pendant receiver with neck loop - (2.3 MHz)

Visit the Audience Services desk in the lobby to learn more and to check out a device by leaving a driver's license or other ID.

Open Caption Performances

Please visit our Open Caption Performances page for a full schedule and more information.

Parking and Drop Off Locations

Visit our Parking page for information on accessible parking and drop off locations.


A single accessible, all-gender restroom is available on the ground level on the east end of the colonnade, near door 1.

Additionally, accessible restrooms are available in the lower alcove on the east end of the main lobby with the assistance of an electronic lift.

Service Animals

Our theatre welcomes service animals, which are dogs and miniature horses that are trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.  Emotional support animals, comfort animals, therapy animals, and pets are not permitted.  Service animals must be leashed or harnessed at all times, and will share the seating area of the person with a disability, as aisles and walkways must be kept clear for safety.

Telecoil Induction Loop

Telecoil Induction Loop installed for patrons.  Simply set your device to the Telecoil feature, and adjust volume accordingly.  If you’d like to test your device before the show begins, a test station is available at Audience Services.  We also offer a limited number of T-coil loop receivers for patrons with no personal device.


Wheelchair Transfer Seats

The orchestra level of the Hollywood Pantages Theatre features a number of transfer seats, which feature movable arms on the aisle side of the seat, making it easier to transfer from a wheelchair into a theatre seat.

Statement of Website Accessibility


It is the policy of Ned Pan, Inc. (DBA: Hollywood Pantages Theatre) that the company's online websites and other digital content should be accessible to customers with disabilities including the blind and visually impaired. The company has developed a policy towards achieving its accessibility goals.
The company has adopted the W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA as its accessibility standard for all online products and services that the company designs, develops and/or procures. We strive to ensure, to the extent practicable, that new online products and services satisfy Level A and AA Success Criteria set forth in the WCAG 2.0.
The company further urges third-party vendors providing content on its websites to adhere to the WCAG Level AA standard and will consider compliance with this standard when selecting third party vendors. Some third-party content that appears on our site may be outside of our ability to control, however.
This Accessibility Policy applies to all websites and owned and operated by Ned Pan, Inc.
As we continue to make improvements in the accessibility of our websites and digital content, we will review this policy to ensure that it reflects the company’s efforts and commitment to accessibility and inclusion.
The company is committed to making its websites accessible to customers with disabilities and welcomes suggestions for improvement.
Questions or concerns about the accessibility of any of the company's websites should be directed to the company by email to